Muaythai Rules


Muay Thai contest in general. The ring must consists of the following:

  1. The ring must be a square, small size is 4.90 m. (16 ft.) large size is 7.30 m. (24 ft.) measuring within the ropes.
  2. The ring must be built in safety, proper level, with out any obstruction, and must extend outside the ropes at least 50 cm. (20 inches) erect posts at the four corners and well covered, or any other ways which will not cause danger to the contestants.
  3. The ring floor must be covered with soft cloths, or straw mat, wood filings, compressed cork etc. thicknees not less than 1 inch (2.50 cm.) and not more than 2 inches (5 cm.) and upper covered with canvas, by stretched tight and the canvas must be covered all the ring floor.
  4. There must be 4 paralleled ropes, with diameter at least 1.50 inches to inches, stretched to the posts at the corners, height from the ring floor, the first rope 55 cm. (1 ft. 0 inch), the second rope height from the ring floor 85 cm. (2 ft. 6 inch), the third rope height from the ring floor 115 cm. (3 ft. 10 inch) And the fourth rope height from the ring floor 145 cm. (4 ft. 10 inch). The ropes must be covered with soft and smooth material. At the 4 corners, the insides of the ropes must be covered with soft materials.
  5. There must be stairs at the opposite corners of the ring for the contestants, referee and boxers tot go up and down.
  6. The boxers must wear gloves. Weight of one glove not less than 4 oz. (133.4 g.) and not to exceed 6 oz. (170.1 g.)


The ring must have the following equipments:

  1. Resting seat for the boxer before the match, 3 seats for each corner.
  2. Towels.
  3. Spongest.
  4. Buckets of water.
  5. Bottles of water.
  6. Water cups.
  7. Tables and chairs for officers.
  8. Bell.
  9. 1 or 2 stop watch.
  10. Points recording cards.
  11. 1 box for keeping points recording cards.
  12. 3 points giving tables.
  13. Set of First Aid equipment.
  14. Board indicating Round, Event & Time.
  15. The screen 2 piece. (For athletic supporter of boxer is lost)
  16. The cradle 1 set.
  17. The scissor 1 piece.


The width of bandage not exceeding 2 inches and the length of each side not to exceed the following limit:

  1. From Mini Flyweight to Feather weight not exceeding 10 yards (2 rolls of bandages)
  2. Plaster can be used to cover not exceeding 1 packet, or the contestants will agree themselves. And not to cove the fist bone, if agreeable not to exceed 1 packet, and the width of the plaster not to exceed 1 inch, the length not to exceed 5 yards (1 packet).